US Climate Change Science Program
Synthesis & Assessment Products [link]:

Unified Synthesis Product: Global Climate Change in the United States. Second Public Review Draft. Comments due 27 February 2009.

1.1 -  Temperature trends in the lower atmoshere: Steps for understanding and reconciling differences.
Completed 5/2/06. Lead: NOAA. [link]

1.2 - Past Climate Variability and Change in the Arctic and at High Latitudes. Completed 1/16/09. Lead: USGS. [link]

1.3 - Re-analyses of historical climate data for key atmospheric features. Implications for attribution of causes of observed change. Completed 12/11/08. Lead: NOAA. [link]

2.1 - Scenarios of greenhouse gas emissions and atmospheric concentrations and review of integrated scenario development and application. Completed 7/10/07. Lead: U.S. Department of Energy. [link]

2.2 - North American carbon budget and implications for the global carbon cycle. Completed 11/13/07/ Lead: NOAA. [link]

2.3 - Atmospheric aerosol properties and climate impacts. Completed 1/16/09. Lead: NASA. [link]

2.4 - Trends in emissions of ozone-depleting substances, ozone layer recovery, and implications for ultraviolet radiation exposure. Completed 11/13/08. Lead: NOAA.

3.1 - Climate models: An assessment of strengths and limitations. Completed 7/31/08. Lead: U.S. Department of Energy.

3.2 - Climate projections based on emissions scenarios for long-lived and short-lived radiatively active gases and aerosols. Completed 9/4/08. Lead: NOAA. [link]

3.3 -  Weather and climate extremes in a changing climate. Completed 6/19/08. Lead: NOAA. [link]

3.4 - Abrupt climate change. Completed 12/16/08. Lead: USGS. [link]

4.1 - Coastal sensitivity to sea level rise: A focus on the mid-Atlantic region. Completed 1/16/09. Lead: U.S. EPA.

4.2 - Thresholds of climate change in ecosystems. Completed 1/16/09. Lead: USGS. [link] 

4.3 - The effects of climate change on agriculture, land resources, water resources, and biodiversity. Completed 5/27/08. Lead: USDA. [link] 

4.4 - Preliminary review of adaptation options for climate-sensitive ecosystems and resources. Completed 6/20/08. Lead: U.S. EPA. [link]

4.5 - Effects of climate change on energy production and use in the United States. Completed 10/18/08. Lead: U.S. Department of Energy. [link]

4.6 - Analysis of the effects of global change on human health and welfare and human systems.  Completed 7/17/08. Lead: U.S. EPA. [link]


4.7 - Impacts of climate variability and change on transportation systems and infrastructure - Gulf Coast study. Completed 3/12/08. Lead: U.S. Department of Transportation. [link]

5.1 - Uses and limitations of observations, data, forecasts, and other projections in decision support for selected sectors and regions. Completed 9/9/08. Lead: NASA. [link]

5.2 - Best practice approaches for characterizing, communicating, and incorporating scientific uncertainty in decisionmaking. Completed 1/16/09. Lead: NOAA. [link]

5.3 - Decision support experiments and evaluations using seasonal to interannual forecasts and observational data. Completed 11/13/08. Lead: NOAA. [link]