Title: Climate Change: Biological and Human Aspects
Author: Jonathan Cowie
Reviewed by: Diane E. Wickland
Link: http://hydrologyfutures.com/Cowie_Wickland.html

What We Know About Climate Change
Author: Kerry Emanuel (2007)
Reviewed by: George Kiladis
Link: http://hydrologyfutures.com/Emanuel_Kiladis.html

Title: The Global Climate System: Patterns, Processes and Teleconnections
Author: Howard Bridgeman and John E. Oliver  (2007)
Reviewed by: Hans F. Graf
Link: http://hydrologyfutures.com/Bridgeman_Oliver_Graf.pdf

Climate Change and Climate Modeling
Author: J. David Neelin (2011)
Reviewed by: Gavin Schmidt
Link: http://hydrologyfutures.com/Book_review_Neelin_Climate_Change_and_Climate_Modeling_EOS_7June_2011.pdf

The Climate Crisis: An Introductory Guide to Climate Change
Authors: David Archer and Stefan Rahmstorf
Reviewed by:
Kevin E. Trenberth
Link: http://hydrologyfutures.com/Book_review_Archer_and_Rahmstorf_The_Climate_Crisis_EOS_21June_2011.pdf

Title: Climate Change: A multidisciplinary approach
Author: William James Burroughs (2007)
Reviewed by: Daniel Kirk-Davidoff
Link: http://www.atmos.umd.edu/~dankd/BurroughsFinal.pdf

Title: Climate Change and Forests: Emerging Policy and Market Opportunities
Authors: Charlotte Streck, Robert O'Sullivan, Toby Janson-Smith, and Richard G. Tarasofsky (2008)
Reviewed by: Michael Obersteiner
Link: http://www.nature.com/climate/2009/0904/pdf/458151a.pdf

Title: Total Water Management: Practices for a Sustainable Future
Author: Neil S. Grigg
Reviewed by: Tapio S. Katko
Link: Water Alternatives Website


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