It is mainly through water resources that climate change affects food security, human health and energy production, as well as ecosystem composition and biodiversity.

Hydrology Futures, LLC specializes on the impacts of climate change on water resources.  We apply state of the art hydrologic models and data analysis to advise water utilities, hydropower companies, water districts, flood protection districts, agriculture agents, city governments, native tribes, insurance companies, and others, who need to prepare for a rapidly changing global environment.

Recent Publications


Examples from recent projects:

*  Climate Change Study on NASA Ames Research Center, Silicon Valley , California

* Climate Change Study on the Los Angeles Aqueduct System

* The Effects of Climate Change on Lake Tahoe, and Implications for Design of BMP
New York Times article

* Climate Risk Study of the Dam Planned for Kafue Gorge Lower, Zambia

Current R&D topics:

* Statistics of precipitation extremes in the west coast of North America.

* Reduced models of complex dynamical systems.